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In Honor of my new LJ Group

Posted on 2006.12.04 at 17:48
In Honor of my new group I have an episode challenge for you all.

In Season 1, Episode 23: 'Freaks and Tweaks', Dr. Alexx Woods friend is accused of murdering her husband. It seems she had a boyfriend who did the actual killing. Calleigh did the investigation.

Write a story based on the ep that assumes Alexx and Calleigh are either having an affair or circling around the idea.

I have only one requirement. Must have the scene where Calleigh is interview the woman and Alexx is watching through the two way mirror.

There, my very first challenge.


emmacancook at 2007-01-07 18:17 (UTC) (Link)

Let the Challenge begin

Ok so i started writing for you challange, and it probly sucks but i figured i would post what i have so far and get some feedback...i will probly revise it anyways and i havent checked it...but thats what happens when you work all the time...feedback is always welcomed

Title: Trying to Forget
Warnings: Slash duh
Rating: pg 13 for now
Disclamer: I dont own the char. i just like to play with them...

Starring through the window, Alexx looks through the window at a lady who once was a friend. How could someone convince a young man who she was having an affair with to kill her husband. She lets a single tear fall down her cheek. She can understand how she was able to have an affair, that’s not the part that makes her angry. Alexx smiles as Calleigh shuts the folder in disgust and her once friend is taken away. Alexx could see the frustration on the blonde’s face. Lately Alexx has been noticing how beautiful Cal is, how her green eyes pierce into your soul, Calleigh looks into the mirror knowing someone is looking at her, “Good thing it’s a two way mirror,” Alexx says as she watches Calleigh walk into the room. “Hey Alexx, how are you holding up,” Cal put her arm around her shoulders and Alexx feels a shiver run down her spine, “I’ll be fine Cal, It’s just going to be hard to deal with.” Calleigh smiles her sweet southern smile, “You know the best cure I find for a bad day is a really good cup of coffee.” Cal grabbed her coat and led Alexx out to her car, Alexx can’t believe what she is doing, sure its just a cup of coffee, but she should be home with her husband, but she cant imagine leaving this beautiful woman, Alexx tries to stay in the conversation without being to distracted by Cal’s lips and how cute her southern accent is when she’s gets angry about something, how slowly she sips her coffee… “Alexx you ok,” Calleigh said with a smile as she places a hand on top of Alexx’s. Alexx smiles and nods her head as she comes out of her day dream, “I’m fine Cal, just got lost in thought for a moment.” Calleigh smiled and paid the bill, “Let me take you home.” Calleigh walks Alexx to the car and pushes her up against it as some guy almost hits Alexx, “Hey watch it jackass,” Calleigh yells while still holding onto Alex, “Are you ok.” Alex smiles and loves the feeling of her body pressed against Cal’s, “My hero,” Alex places a small kiss on Calleigh’s lips and smiles. Calleigh looked deep into Alexx’s eyes and leaned in for another kiss. They stood there kissing each other softly for what seemed like forever, Cal loved the taste of Alexx’s mouth, she has been dreaming of this for some time now. Finally when air was necessary they broke apart and Calleigh opened the door. “I don’t want to go home,” Alex said placing another kiss on Calleigh’s lips, she new this was wrong but she wants to forget about today.

So that is all i have so far...
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